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September, 19, 2016 Erik Urosa, Senior Analyst, NRG Renewables


“Very few people actually know what they are doing at all times” 


In person, Erik is upbeat and energetic. His optimism is apparent even as I shake his hand. He clearly is absorbing as much as possible as he launches his young career at NRG Renewables. Recently, he shared some of his experiences with us. Enjoy!


Name, Title and Organization
Erik Urosa, Senior Analyst, NRG Renewables


Educational Background (e.g., college, major, any graduate school or additional certifications)
Yale University, Chemical Engineering


How do you stay informed on your sector (e.g. blogs, books, podcasts, people you follow on Twitter, etc.)?
Greentech Media, Google Alerts, Industry conferences


How would you describe what you do in your current role?
I originate and develop solar & battery storage projects for commercial and industrial customers


Why did you first want to work in cleantech?
To help solve the climate change issue and contribute to shaping a sustainable energy future


What are your two favorite aspects of your job?
Constant interaction with multiple functional groups and learning about a customer needs and industries


If you were interviewing someone to replace you in your role, what should they focus on demonstrating in the interview to give themselves an advantage?
Interest in the field, technological knowledge, & attention to detail


To perform your job well, what is the most necessary skill or personality characteristic, and why?
Being comfortable with ambiguity and learning how to manage risk; all projects deal with unexpected situations which require clear and outside-the-box thinking


What is the one bit of advice you would offer a young person hoping to break into cleantech?
Focus on the tech before the business side!


What is something you have learned in your job that surprised you?
Very few people actually know what they are doing at all times


Other than the focus of your work, which realm (technology, geography, or other) of cleantech is particularly interesting to you right now and why?
I’m very interested in developing renewable energy projects in emerging markets, especially Latin America (LATAM)


If you could be compensated for your work with something other than a paycheck, what would it be?
Unlimited time-off


Thanks Erik!

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