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February, 06, 2017 From Garbage Trucks to Buses, It’s Time to Start Talking About Big Electric Vehicles

Hey there! So, I originally wrote this piece for The Energy Collective, and you can read it here.


That said, I didn’t realize it was going to strike such a nerve, because it then got picked up by The Energy Collective’s European cousin, Energy Post (link), and finally by Cleantechnica (link). All in all it has been shared more than 1,000 times and was Cleantechnica’s most viewed piece of the week.


I’d like to believe it’s because I write like Hemingway, but I think it simply means people are discovering there is growing pent up demand to talk about more than just solar when it comes to the clean energy revolution. There are endless areas where amazing transitions are happening and there simply aren’t enough people covering them. I hope they all get the coverage they deserve in the coming years and I promise I’ll try to do my best to help uncover some more of these interesting areaas for you. Enjoy reading!


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