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July, 21, 2016 What Is Cleantekker?

So what is Cleantekker? 


Cleantekker is a first-of-its-kind cleantech job engine connecting young talent with the best jobs in cleantech.


As both a website and mobile app, our cleantech job engine will soon (launching later this summer!) do the grunt work for young leaders like you by finding and curating the best jobs, internships and project work at the most exciting companies and organizations in cleantech.


Clean technologies and the services associated with them are exploding. Whether your calling is finance, engineering, strategy, policy, advocacy, business development, or something else entirely – opportunities abound in the growing world of cleantech. And the best part? This is only the beginning. Who knows what we will see in the next 10, 20 years? The opportunity for any young person who gets into cleantech now is, quite simply, limitless.


We understand maneuvering in such a rapidly changing field can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. How does one keep track of it all? How does one make sure you aren’t missing something?


Here’s a secret: you can’t. It’s simply not possible. The cleantech world is accelerating too fast for anyone to stay on top of everything. When you’re talking about technology sectors today – whether cleantech, fintech, biotech or others – you are talking about sectors moving at the speed of light. Earlier this month, in fact, Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and one of the most plugged-in CEOs in the world reiterated this point as he pontificated on the advancement of technology today:


You can’t even keep track of it! Even if you are a professional…which is fantastic, to be in the middle of an industry that is so dynamic that no matter how hard you try you can’t even keep track of it, that’s awesome!”


Mr. Bezos has accepted this reality and so should we.


And he’s right, it is awesome. But it also means that if we are interested in entering, or simply learning about, an accelerating sector like cleantech, we need all the help we can get.


And so Cleantekker is here to help. Our sole purpose is to bring the best opportunities in cleantech to your attention. To make it easier for you to find your dream cleantech job. Because with each person we connect to their dream job in cleantech, the closer we get to achieving our shared mission of a sustainably powered world. 


So how should you think of Cleantekker?


We do a lot of digging. We are super friendly. And we love fetching and bringing awesome things back to you. So I guess we are a lot like your dog. That is, if your dog spends every day researching cleantech, digging up intel from global cleantech networks, and delivering the best cleantech jobs and internships to you for free.


Perhaps that’s not how your dog spends their day (lazy…), but the point is you can think of us as your most energetic, loyal and supportive friend. We have your best interest at heart and want to help make your cleantech job search easier and more fruitful in any way we can. So if you have any ideas, thoughts, questions, feedback on how we can better help, or just want to introduce yourself, please reach out and say hi!



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Chris and the growing Cleantekker team



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